The 108 most beautiful baby names in the world and their meanings

A most beautiful baby names is a very relative concept, as we all know. People have different tastes, exotics, and different personal motivations when choosing their baby’s names.

What happens, of course, is a preference for certain names that, depending on the time, are among the most loved around the world.

The 108 most beautiful baby names in the world and their meanings
The 108 most beautiful baby names in the world and their meanings

The world’s most beautiful male names

The names Luis, Noah, Lucas and Liam appear on the list of favorites in 4 different countries: Germany, Australia, Canada and the United States. Even though the spellings are variable, it really looks like a masculine name that is in fashion in the world. Check out some of the cutest names for boys.



Hebrew name derived from the famous biblical name Adam, meaning “man.” Etymologists also claim that this name is linked to the word adama, which means “earth”, and can also be translated as “man created from the earth”.



Noah is a name of Hebrew origin that means “rest”, “rest” or “long life”. This is the English language version of the biblical male name Noé, which is more common in Brazil.



Ravi originates from Sanskrit, the ancestral language of Nepal and India, and means “the sun”. The name carries symbologies related to the sun, such as enlightenment, knowledge and power.



Rael is a male name with two possible origins, Egyptian and Hebrew. The meanings associated with the name Rael are “lord of light”, “angel of light”, “man who fights with God” or “man who sees God”.


Short and beautiful, the male name Bento originates from the Latin Benedictus and has the beautiful meanings of “blessed by baptism”, “blessed”, “blessed”, “praised”, “the one about whom good things are said”.


The name of Greek origin Hektor comes from the root ekhein, which means “I possess, I have in my power”. The name is a reference to the Greek hero who stood out as a warrior, “retaining the enemy”, and therefore also gains the sense of a person who is resistant.


Eduardo is a very popular male name in the Portuguese language. It means “guardian of riches”, “protector of riches” or “rich guardian”. It has a Germanic origin and is considered a name linked to royalty.


Christopher is a popular male name in the English language and has Greek origin. It means “the bearer of Christ”, “the bearer of Christ” or “the bearer of Christ”.


The male name Saulo has a strong religious link. In antiquity, it was common to baptize children who had been eagerly desired or believed to be the fruits of a miracle with the name of Saul. This happened because one of the most special meanings associated with this name is: “the one that was obtained through prayers”.


Dylan is a name of Welsh origin that combines two Welsh words: dy, meaning “great”, and llanw, meaning “flow”, “current” or “tide”. By extension, it takes on the meanings of “great tide”, “great current” or “great flow”.


Erik is the Swedish and Slavic variant of Eric, a name that possibly originated from Germanic. Meanings related to the name Erik are “he who reigns like an eagle” or “king forever”, “he who rules forever”.


Another Hebrew name, which named a biblical character, the son of Jacob and Rachel. It is formed by the elements ben, meaning “son” and yamin, “right hand”. The combination results in the sense of “son of the right side”, by extension, “the well-beloved”.


A Hebrew name that has the meaning of “the strong one”, “the resistant one”, “the enduring one”.


Hebrew names are in full swing! This is an English version of Isaac. Derived from the word tzaháq, which literally means “he will laugh”. By extension, the name has the meaning of “son of joy”.


Who remembers the Titanic protagonist? Jack remains one of the most beloved names in the US, and is a variant of our well-known “John”, meaning “God is full of grace” or “graced by God”.


In Arab countries of the Middle East, Mohammed and its variants is the name that, by far, has the greatest adhesion.

That’s because it’s the name of whom Muslims consider the last prophet of God, Muhammad. The name itself has the symbolic meaning for them of a “paragon of excellence”. And the etymology points to the sense of “praised”.


This name literally means “god”, gaining the meaning of “supreme God”. It is popular in different countries.


Both Nicolas and Nicolau are popular versions in Brazil that mean “victorious”, “what wins with the people”, “what leads the people to victory”.


Do you want a different version of the name Antônio? How about the English version Anthony? This name means “valuable”, “inestimable value”, “worthy of appreciation”. It is very popular around the world, mainly in Brazil.


Very common in English-speaking countries, especially Ireland and the United States, this name means “hill”, “mountain”, “noble”, “strong”, “virtuous” or “the one who is strong”.


Being a very popular name in Italy, it means “the one who is winning”, “the one who wins”, “the one who conquers”, “winner, conqueror”. It’s a soft name with a symbolism of victory.


Despite looking very different, its softness and short shape won the hearts of Brazilians, with it being present in the top 100 of the most popular names in our country.

It means “handsome and generous”; “Irish in origin”; “the one who protects” or “the protected one”.


Both Elijah and his Hebrew version of Elijah have divine symbolism. The name means “the Lord is my God”, “Jehovah is my God”.


Very popular in English-speaking countries, this name means “olive tree”, associated with the plant.


With divine symbolism, associated with one of the Hebrew prophets of the Holy Bible, this name means “the Lord is my judge”, “God is my judge”.


Being the Italian form of the name Henry, this masculine name has noble symbolism and means “ruler of the house” or “prince of the household”.


Also as an Italian name, it joins the names Gian or Giovanni with Luca, acquiring the meaning of “gift of the Lord”, “God is full of grace”, “God is merciful and enlightened”.


Kléber is a name of Germanic origin that means “poster paste”. There’s its Cléber version being very popular in Brazil too.


Its Simon version is very popular around the world. It has the meaning of “he who hears”, “hearer”, in addition to being the name of several biblical characters.

The most beautiful female names in the world

Among the girl names, the variation of names is greater. But a fun fact: two names that are very popular in Brazil, Alice and Sofia, are also famous in Italy, France and the United States.

However, among the names below you can get good ideas for beautiful and different names for girls. These are uncomplicated options that fit perfectly in our little Brazilian girls.


It’s a Latin word that means “very white, very clear”. That is why it is named after the Ipé-Branco tree whose scientific name is tabebuia roseo-alba. In Spanish, the word means “dawn”, or “dawn”.


The beautiful and delicate name Sophia has Greek origin and carries the meaning of “wisdom” or “divine wisdom”. The name Sophia was introduced to English speakers by Princess Elector Sophia of Hanover, mother of George I, King of Great Britain and Ireland.


Maite is a female name that would have originated from the Basque language. This language is common in some regions of Spain and France, namely in Vasconia, and means “beloved”, “adored”, “captivating” or “enchanting”.


The name Deborah originates from the Hebrew Debhoráh. It means “bee” or “hard-working and hard-working woman”. As a result of the symbology of the bee, Débora carries with her the representation of the soul, wisdom, resurrection and victory.


From Irish, the female name Vanessa features the beautiful meanings of “butterfly” and “like a butterfly”.


Isis is the name of an Egyptian goddess, also known as Sait, Ist, Iset, Aset or Ueset. According to the historian Plutarch (46 AD – 120 AD), the name originates from the word istai, which means “to advance”. Isis means “going forward”, “I was born of myself, I don’t come from anyone”, “owner of the throne”, “goddess of fertility and motherly love”.


The name Eloah came directly from the Hebrew Eloa, with the plural Elohim, meaning “God”. It is a pretty short feminine name that carries a strong meaning. The same stems from the approach to the sublime to the divine and omnipotent being, God.


Alicia is a variation of the name Alice, a Germanic name that appears as a diminutive of Adelaide. The meanings associated with the pretty name Alicia are “of noble quality”, “of noble lineage”, “of noble blood”; “respected”, “majestic”.


Luna is a typically feminine name that comes from the Latin luna, which literally means “moon”. By extension, it also means “the enlightened one” or “the female one”.


Sounds complicated, but the pronunciation is simple: Cloe. It comes from the Greek chloé, which means “green grass, new foliage”. She is also a Greek goddess, who looks after vegetation.


This beautiful name has its origins in the Germanic Emma, and means “all, universal”. It was once the name of a queen and it came back to the surface due to a famous poem by the English writer Matthew Prior, called “Henry and Emma”.

Gulia or Julia

They are two variants of the name originated in Latin, Julius, which derives from the Greek Ioulos, a word designated for the male facial hair of young people. By extension, Júlia means “jovial”.


Feminine version of the name Caetano, this name came from the Italian caietanus, which means “native of Gaeta”, and Gaeta refers to an ancient Italian city.


It has the same meaning as our famous “Anna”, a Hebrew name that means “God is full of grace” and “graced by God”. The Japanese also consider it a beautiful name, but there it is written “Hana” and means flower.


The feminine of Luís, a Germanic name originating from Chlodovech, formed by the elements hlud, which means “fame” and wig, which means “warrior”. So, it has the meaning of “famous warrior”.


If you have a beautiful, elegant, and light-sounding Italian female name, it’s Antonella. It means “valuable”, “priceless”, “priceless” or “fed with flowers”.


As a short feminine name, it means “starfish”, “my”, “who is like God?”, “pain of someone who wants a lot, but cannot have children”.


Another Italian name that is quite successful in Brazil, Giovanna means “graced by God”, “God is full of grace” or “God’s grace and mercy”, “God’s gift” or “God forgives”. It’s a version of the name Joan.


Martha is a more classic name, spread across English, French, German, and Portuguese-speaking countries. It means “lady”, or “mistress”.


It is a more original version of the name Clara, having its origin in the Latin meaning “clear”, “bright”, “illustrious” or “black”, and “obscure”.


Every father and mother thinks their daughter is the most beautiful thing in the world, right? The meaning of the name Bella reflects this, as a shortened form of the Italian name Isabella, meaning “beautiful”, “beautiful”, “chaste”, “pure”, “God is an oath”, and “consecrated to God”.


Dedicated to a well-known goddess in Greek mythology, this name means “messenger”, “the one who carries messages by the word” or “rainbow”.


As a very popular name in Brazil, Letícia has a symbolism connected to well-being. It means “cheerful woman”, “woman who conveys happiness”.


As the name of many princesses and queens, Vitória means “victory”, “victorious”, “winner”.


This name became famous because of the biblical character reported in the book of Genesis, who was created by God from the rib of Adam. Eve comes from Hebrew and means “the one who lives”, “the living one”, “the one with life” or “full of life”.


The name Simone is of French origin and means “the one who heard”, “listener”, and “obedient”.


Delilah is a name with a smooth and delicate sound. It means “sweet”, “docile”, “delicate”, “fragile”, “languid”, and “swaying”.


As a beautiful name that originates in English, it means “lovable”, and “loving”.


It originates from the Hebrew Na’omiy, Naomi, and means “my delight”, “my sweetness” or “the one who is beautiful and honest”, “the beautiful honesty”.

Brazil’s most beautiful names

Here we separate names that are very popular in Brazil and that are included in the most popular list almost every year according to the Civil Registry.


It means “one who adds”, “the Lord adds” or “God multiplies”.


Being one of the darling male names for Brazilians, it means “who is like God?”.


Arthur means “rock” or “big bear” and is one of the most popular names for boys in our country.


It means “the one who guards”, “the one who holds the enemy back”.


This name has a Germanic origin and means “strong as a bear”.


Besides being the name of the most famous king of Israel, David means “the beloved”, “beloved”, “favorite”.


Lorenzo is a Spanish and Italian variant of the name Lourenço and means “born in Laurento” or “inhabitant of Laurento”.


This name came to be known because of the angel Gabriel, considered the messenger of God. It has a Hebrew origin and means “man of God”, “strong man of God”, “stronghold of God”, “messenger of God”.


As one of the most widespread proper names in the world, being present in several languages, it means “stone”, “rock”.


It means “gift of God”, “gift of Yahweh”, “gift of God”, “gift of God”.


Luke was a physician who was converted to Christianity by the Apostle Paul and was a longtime companion of Paul’s on his missionary journeys. His name means “what comes from Lucania”, “lucan”, “luminous” or “enlightened”.


Joachim is a name of Hebrew origin which means “Jehovah established” or “God established”.


As a Brazilian name of indigenous origin, specifically from the Tupi, it means “hawk”, “hawk”.


Helena It means “the shining one”, “the resplendent one” and is one of the most popular female names in our country.


Laura means “laurel tree, laurel tree”, gaining the meaning of “victorious”, “triumphant”, since in antiquity this plant symbolized victory and immortality.


It means “God is with us” or “God with us”.


Valentina means “brave”, “strong”, “vigorous”, “full of health”.


It means “healthy”, “healthy wide”; “glorious fighter”, “famous warrior”, “famous in war”.


The feminine name Livia means “pale”, “livid” or “clear”.


It means “blind”, “wise” or “the keeper of musicians”. The name originated from the Roman family name Caecilius. The Romans did not just associate this name with the blind, but also with extremely wise people.


This name means “sovereign lady full of grace”, “pure and graceful woman”; “sovereign lady”, “the pure one”; “belonging to Mario”, “descendant of Mario”.


Beatriz is a very common name in Brazil, as well as being spread around the world with other versions, such as Beatrice (Italian). It means “the one who brings happiness”, “the one who makes others happy” or “traveller”, “pilgrim”.


The name Isadora is considered a homage to Isis and means “given by Isis” or “gift of Isis”.

Names with beautiful meanings

Many names have beautiful meanings, be they connected to nature, the divine, nobility, or even victory. With that in mind, we have separated names with very special meanings.


A name that was borne by many kings and princes, Alfonso means “noble inclination”, “ready for nobility”, “noble aptitude”, “fit to be noble”.


Being a masculine name with a strong symbolism, it means “masculine”, “virile”, “masculine”.


It means “the one who protects his riches with the spear” or “blessed, fortunate spear”.


Being the name of the archangel responsible for all kinds of healing, Raphael means “God healed” or “healed by God”.


Nathanael is known by Christian peoples as a powerful angel, belonging to the Choir of Virtues. His name means “God gave”, “gift of God” or “gift of God”.


This name means “sacred”, “consecrated”, “extraordinary”.


It is a name with a very high astral symbolism, which derives from Latin and means “happy”, “lucky”, “successful”, “blessed”.


As a popular name in the English language and that became known in Brazil, Oscar means “spear of God”, “divine combatant” or “lover of the deer”.


It has a Hebrew origin and means “pleasing to God”, “God is good”.


Being a feminine name with a strong symbolism, it means “lioness” or “brave as a lioness”.


In terms of delicacy, this name gets a ten, it comes from Latin and means “feminine”, “virgin”, “pure”, “lunar”, “beautiful as the moon”, “brilliant as the moon”, “strong”, ” constant”.


A classic name could not be missing from this list, it has two probable etymological origins, Germanic and English, and means “beautiful flower”, “famous type” or “famous species”.


It means “happy”, “adventurous”, “lucky”, “successful”.


This name exploded in popularity in Brazil in the 2000s. Sara It means “princess”, “lady”, “lady”.


Say a more beautiful, soft and delicate name than that and fail miserably. Jokes aside, Yasmin is a Persian name that has become very dear to Brazilians. It means “jasmine”, “fragrant flower”.


Flávia is the female variant of Flávio and means “golden”, “blonde”.


Another classic name, which was quite successful in Brazil in the 30s, 40s and 50s, Olga means “saint”, “sublime”, “consecrated to God”.


As a name that derives from the Old French Violete, it can be associated with both the color violet and the beautiful flower viola odorata. It means “little violet”.

The most beautiful names in various countries around the world

Italian Names

In Italy, Francesco is the most popular name, followed by Alessandro and Leonardo, two names that are also very popular in Brazil. Among the girls, Sofia tops the list of the most beautiful, followed by Aurora and Giulia.

English Names

In the United Kingdom, the most beautiful names for boys and girls have the same etymum: the Latin word olive, better known as the tree that produces olives. Many babies with the names Oliver and Olivia are being named there, followed by Harry and George for boys, and Emily and Grace for girls.

North American Names

In the US and Canada, Liam and Emma top the list of cute names for boys and girls. Olivia ranks second among females, followed by Ava. As for the boys, Noah and William are in second and third position, respectively.

Spanish Names

Among the Spanish names, Lucia, “the enlightened one”, is among the most recorded, and Hugo, “enlightened in mind and spirit”, wins the hearts and minds of the people among the most beloved.

Scandinavian Names

Among the Scandinavian names, Sofia (again!), is the most beautiful female name for both Danes and Norwegians. Among Swedes, the preference is for Alice . In the men’s category, we have Noah, Jakob, and William.

French Names

In France, the masculine option is for a name that Brazilians love: Gabriel. Raphael and Jules followed. Among girls, the most beautiful names are Louise, Emma, and Jade. A curiosity about the French people’s preference is that since 1991 the most popular name has been Kevin, a tradition that was broken in 2017.

Asian Names

For people of Asian descent or even cultural enthusiasts, in China and Japan the most beloved female names are Li and Nozomi, respectively. Gorgeous isn’t it? Among boys, the gold went to Hiroshi, in Japan, and Wei, in China.

African Names

And last but not least, the most beautiful male name in South Africa according to them is Junior! Surprise? At least the most popular girl’s name is quite different and pretty: Precious.

Latin American Names

The most beloved names for the population of Mexico are: José and Maria. In Colombia it’s Luciana and Santiago. In Argentina they are also very fond of Sofia and Mateo for boys.

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