Beautiful surnames: 141 examples of beautiful, cute and strong names from around the world

Here is the list we have separated 141 beautiful surnames, chic and strong names that are present in many countries around the world, such as the United States, France, Italy, and Brazil.

In the following list, we have separated 141 beautiful surnames, chic and strong names that can be found in many countries around the world, such as the United States, France, Italy, and Brazil.


Beautiful Surnames

  1. Lee

As a very popular last name in the US, occupying the twenty-first position, it is short, soft and connected to nature.


From the Old English leah, which means “meadow”, it means “meadow dweller”, “one who originates in the place where the meadow is abundant”.

  1. LeBlanc

This surname may have two different origins. From the French word blanc, it means “the white one”, referring to people with pale skin or blond hair.


Already from the old German word blanc, meaning “bright”, “shiny” or “beautiful”.

A well-known personality that carries it is the actor Matt LeBlanc.

  1. Rodrigues

Being one of the most popular surnames in Brazil, it is patronymic and has Portuguese origin.

Meaning “son of Rodrigo”, it can gain by extension the sense of “son of the mighty famous”, “son of the powerful ruler”, “son of the famous king”.

  1. Lewis

Can be used as both a surname and a male first name, it is quite popular in the United States.

As a medieval form of the English Louis, which is Luís in Portuguese, it means “glorious combatant”, “illustrious warrior” or “celebrated in war”.

  1. Ferri

Being an Italian surname, it carries a smooth sound, in addition to being short.

It is very popular in Italy, with origins from the Latin faber ferrarius, which means “blacksmith”.

  1. Santana

Originating in the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain), this surname means “Santa Ana”, “grandmother of Christ” or “saint blessed”.

  1. Castro

From the Latin castru, this surname means “the one who was born near castles”, “the one who inhabits a place characterized by the existence of fortresses”.

  1. Brook

Being a toponymic surname, that is, it originated from a specific geographical location, Ribeiro has the meaning of “small river”, “stream”.

  1. Augustine

Of Italian origin, Agostini means “son of Agostino”, meaning “son of Augustus”, “belonging to Augustus”.

  1. Antonelli

Very beautiful Italian surname, it means “son of Antonello” and gains, by extension, the meaning of “son of the valuable”, “son of the priceless”, or “son of the one fed with flowers”.

  1. Campbell

Common in English-speaking countries, including the United States, Campbell possibly means “the one with the crooked mouth” or “the one from the fair field”.

  1. Stewart

Surname that originated from Old English and is common in countries such as the United States and Scotland, Stewart is related to the profession of administrator or who guards a property.

  1. Bennett

Classic and elegant, this last name comes from a given name with the same spelling and means “blessed”, “blessed”.

  1. roux

Derived from the Old French ros, from the Latin russus, meaning “red”, Roux was used as a nickname for red-haired people.

  1. Chevalier

French surname, it derives from the term chevalier, which means “knight”, “nobleman”.

  1. Leclerc

Means “the employee” in French.

  1. Alencar

Emerging from the name of a geographic location, Alencar is a common surname in Brazil and means “temples of the Alans” or “the blessed source”.

  1. Gutierrez

A common surname in Spanish-speaking countries, especially Argentina, it derives from the first name Gutierre. It means “son of Gutierre” or “son of the army commander”.

  1. Baumer
  2. Diniz
  3. Hernandez
  4. Medina
  5. brothers
  6. Sanchez
  7. Gabrielli
  8. Lambert
  9. Manfredi
  10. Milani
  11. Alonso
  12. Spinoza
  13. Churches
  14. Loyola
  15. Baumann
  16. Dirksen
  17. Fischer
Beautiful surnames: 141 examples of beautiful, cute and strong names from around the world
Beautiful surnames: 141 examples of beautiful, cute and strong names from around the world

Most beautiful surnames

In this division we separate the most beautiful surnames in the world, highlighting the American, Italian and French ones.

Most Beautiful American Surnames

  1. Johnson

As America’s second most popular surname, it carries divine symbolism, meaning “son of John.”

Due to this, it gains the meaning of “son of the one graced by God” or “son of God’s grace and mercy”.

Famous people that carry it are actor Dwayne Johnson, actress Dakota Johnson, and singer Jack Johnson.

  1. Cooper

Another surname carried by several Americans, it came from the Middle English couper, referring to the profession of barrel maker, so it has the meaning of “barrel maker” or even “repair of wooden vessels”.

A famous person who owns it is the actor Bradley Cooper.

  1. Davis

Ranked eighth on the list of most popular surnames in the US, it has beautiful symbolism, meaning “son of David”.

By extension, it gains the meaning of “son of the beloved”, “son of the darling”, “son of the favorite”.

  1. Miller

This surname also makes reference to a profession, from the Middle English mille, which means “mill”, means “one who works in a grain mill”.

One famous figure who owns it is actor Ezra Miller.

  1. Wilson

In the list of most popular American surnames, Wilson is a classic surname that means “son of Will” or “son of the brave protector”, “son of the one who wants to protect”.

  1. Stevens

With a symbolism of power and royalty, Stevens arises from the first name Stephen, and means “the one with a crown”, “crowned”.

  1. taylor

As one of the most common American surnames, Taylor is also used as a forename. It means “tailor”, “cutter”, “cutter”. One great actress who carried him was Elizabeth Taylor.

  1. Thompson

Patronymic surname, it originates with the first name Thomas and has the meaning of “son of Thomas”, “son of the twin”.

  1. Walker

Regarding an occupation or profession, Walker comes up with the Old English wealcan, which means “to move”, “to move”.

  1. White

This last name was used as a nickname for people with white hair or white skin, only later was it transformed into a last name. From the Old English hwit, meaning “white”.

  1. Adams

Derived from the first name Adam, this surname means “man”, “man formed on earth”.

  1. Green
  2. Baker
  3. Phillips
  4. Brown
  5. Moore
  6. Harris
  7. clark
  8. Watson

Most Beautiful Italian Surnames

  1. Bellini

This Italian surname has beautiful symbolism as well as a smooth sound.

From the Italian word bello, meaning “beautiful”.

  1. Greek

Another Italian surname with a nice sound, it comes from the Latin adjective graecus, which means “from Greece”.

  1. Bianchi

As one of the most beautiful surnames around the world, it comes from the Italian word bianco, which means “white”, also gaining the meaning of purity and whiteness.

  1. Gianni

As a shortened form of the given name Giovanni, this last name can also be used as a male name.

Giovanni comes from the Hebrew Iohanan, meaning “God is full of grace”, “graced by God”, “God forgives” or “God’s mercy”.

Gianni takes on the same meaning.

  1. Ricci

From the Italian word riccio, which means “curly”, “curly”, this surname means “one who has curly hair”.

  1. Santoro

A popular surname in southern Italy, Santoro means “All Saints’ Day”, referring to people born on that day.

  1. Fiore

Lindo last name that means “flower”, “beautiful (a) as a flower”, it carries a symbolism of beauty, love and youth.

  1. Mancini

Means “left-handed”, an Italian surname that was used as a nickname for left-handed people.

  1. Sartori

From the name of an occupation or trade, Sartori means “tailor”.

  1. Bell
  2. Capello
  3. Cipriani
  4. D’Angelo
  5. DeVito
  6. DiCaprio
  7. Gagliardi

Most beautiful French surnames

  1. Beaumont

This is a French surname with a beautiful sound and symbolism.

It arose from French places that derive from the terms beau, which means “beautiful”, “beautiful”, and mont, which means “mount”, “hill”.

It has the meaning of “beautiful mountain” or “beautiful hill”.

  1. Bellerose

It’s almost impossible to be more beautiful than the symbolism of this last name, besides being delicate.

It originates from the junction of the old French terms beu, bel, which means “beautiful”, “lovely” and rose, which means “rose”.

Meaning “beautiful rose”, “lovely rose.”

  1. Delacroix

As a more classic last name, it has a divine tone.

Derived from the word crucis, which means “cross”, it takes on the meaning of “of the cross”.

An important personality who bears it is the French painter Eugène Delacroix.

  1. LaChance

Another French surname that carries a beautiful symbolism linked to victory.

It probably originates from the old French word cheapunce, which means “chance”, referring to a lucky person.

Therefore, it also means “lucky”.

  1. Monet

This last name was known around the world due to the important French impressionist painter, Claude Monet (1840-1926). It derives from proper names like, Hamon or Edmond, and means “house” or “protector of wealth”, “wealthy protector”.

  1. Toussaint

Being a contraction of the French expression “tous les saints”, referring to the Christian feast that celebrates the saints, Toussaint means “all the saints”.

  1. Dupont

A common surname in France, Dupont derives from the French term pont and means “of the bridge”.

  1. Moreau

As one of the most popular French surnames, Moreau comes from the first name Mauro and means “Moor”, “dark skinned” or “black”.

  1. Dubois

Means “of the woods” in French.

  1. De la Roche

Originating from the French Rocque, this surname means “rock”, gaining, by extension, the meaning of “strong man”, “stable man” or “serene man”.

  1. Deschamps
  2. Fournier
  3. Legrand
  4. Rousseau
  5. Guillaume

Fancy Surnames

In this category were chosen the beautiful and chic American, Italian and Brazilian surnames. Those who have a relationship with nobility or royalty and even famous people.

American Fancy Surnames

  1. Hathaway

This surname has become known to people around the world mainly because of the American actress Anne Hathaway.

With toponymic origin, from a place that has arid land, being a heath, it comes from the combination of the Old English terms hæþ, which means “moor” and weg, which means “path”.

Leaving with the meaning of “path to the moor”, “path to the arid land”.

  1. Clifford

Being a surname connected to the nobility, it is associated with Baron Clifford of Chudleigh and a noble family.

It has toponymic origin, from different places that are called Clifford. It arose from the junction of the Old English terms cliff, meaning “cliff”, “slope” and ford, which means “ford”, meaning “ford of a cliff”.

  1. Howard

This surname refers to Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Suffolk, an earldom in England.

It has two possible origins. Derived from the first name Hughard, which is composed of the Germanic elements hug, which is “heart”, “mind” and hard, which means “brave”, “courageous”, “fearless”, it can mean “what is brave using the heart”, “courageous intelligent”, “fearless and loving”.

Already through the terms in Old English eowu, which means “sheep” and hierde, which is “shepherd”, “guardian”, it has the meaning of “sheep shepherd”.

  1. Monroe

This surname was used for people who lived on the banks of the Roe River in Ireland, only later did it spread into the English language.

  1. Lennox

Possibly means “place of the elms,” relating to the trees.

  1. Parker

A classic American surname, Parker means “guardian of the park”.

  1. Jackson

This surname means “son of Jack”, gaining, by extension, the meaning of “son of man” or “son of common man”. An important celebrity who carried it was the entertainer Michael Jackson.

  1. King

Originating from Old English, this surname literally means “king”.

  1. Williams
  2. Roberts
  3. Mitchell
  4. Coleman
  5. Cornell
  6. Dorsey
  7. Fletcher
  8. Ford
  9. Franklin

Fancy Italian Surnames

  1. Orsini

Being the last name of a very powerful family in Italy, one of the main dynasties of the medieval period, it is very chic and noble.

It originates from an Italian nickname that means “little bear”, through the Latin ursus, which means “bear”.

  1. Gabrielli

This surname arose from a transformation of the name Gabriele, which in Italy is masculine, with its Portuguese version being Gabriel.

It has its origin in the Hebrew Gabriel, composed by the union of the elements gébher, which means “man, strong man”, and El, which means “God”, thus meaning “man of God”, “strong man of God”, “stronghold of God”, “messenger of God”.

A beautiful last name linked to one of the main archangels in the Bible.

  1. Ferrari

If you want power, then that last name says it all, chic as hell.

Carried by the founder of the Ferrari assembler and team, Enzo Ferrari, one of the most widespread automobile brands around the world, the surname originates from the Latin ferrarius, derived from ferrum, which means “iron”.

It is associated with the blacksmith profession, also meaning “blacksmith”, “metallurgist”.

  1. Bernardi

Coming up with the first name Bernardo, the surname Bernardi takes on the meaning of “strong as a bear”.

  1. Tell or Count

From the Italian word conti, meaning “accounts”, it was possibly used to name accountants.

  1. DeLuca

Originating from the first name Lucas, this surname means “son of Luca”, gaining the meaning of “son of the one who comes from Lucania”, “son of the one who brings light”, “son of the luminous”.

  1. Fontana

Derived from the Latin word fons, which means “source”, the surname Fontana means “one who lives near a source”.

  1. Lombardi
  2. Savoy
  3. Sanzio
  4. Borgia
  5. Montana
  6. Negrini
  7. Parisi
  8. Picasso
  9. Rinaldi

Fancy Brazilian Surnames

  1. Bittencourt

Being a variation of the French surname Bettencourt, it presents its origin being toponymic.

It is a surname of an important Norman family, which eventually arrived in Brazil. It is associated with places in the North of France.

Originating from an ancient word, hof, means “courtyard”, “courtyard of a farm”, “farm”.

  1. Navy

Being carried by one of the richest families in Brazil, owner of the Globo communications vehicle group, this last name has a beautiful symbolism.

From the Latin marinus which means “from the sea”, it gets the meaning of “what comes from the sea”.

  1. Moreira

Another very rich family in Brazil are the Moreira Salles, owners of Cia. Brazilian Metallurgy and Mining Association.

Moreira featuring Portuguese origin, with toponymic roots, means “those who live near the blackberry tree”. It is associated with the Amoreira tree.

  1. Martins

Popular surname in Brazil, originating from the Spanish Martinez, means “warrior” or “dedicated to the God Mars”.

  1. Andrade

Based on the region of Galicia, Andrade means “toponym of the kingdom of Galicia” or “reference to the new Jews”.

  1. Monteiro

With Portuguese origin, this surname means “guard of mountains”, “hunter of mountains”; “mountain dweller”, “one who was born on a hill”. A very prominent Brazilian personality who carried him was Monteiro Lobato.

  1. Scallop

It means “mollusc” or “shell that produces pearls”.

  1. Albuquerque

The Albuquerque family was considered one of the most noble of the Iberian Peninsula in medieval times. Of Portuguese origin, this last name means “white oak”.

  1. Cavalcante

Last name linked to the Italian nobility, it means “the one who rides” or “riding a horse”.

  1. Acevedo
  2. Brandão
  3. Lacerda
  4. Ventura
  5. Marques
  6. Avila
  7. Muniz
  8. Kings

Strong Surnames

In this part, we separate the surnames that are beautiful and strong at the same time, with different origins.

  1. Armstrong

Very well known around the world, this surname became popular because of the first man to step on the moon, the American astronaut Neil Armstrong.

It originates from the combination of the English terms arm, which is “arm” and strong, which means “strong”. Getting the meaning of “strong arm”, powerful, isn’t it?

  1. Brassard

With more than one possible origin, but with an uncertain meaning, this surname, both in English and in French, may mean “armor for the arm”.

Already from the word braz, which means “arm”, referring to boxers or strong people, it can mean “fighter”, “strong person”, “steady arm”.

  1. Fermi

Being an Italian surname, it carries a symbolism of steadfastness.

It emerged from a city in Italy called Fermo, through the Latin Firmum, meaning “strong”, “firm”.

  1. Ortiz

As a Spanish last name, it means “son of Orti”.

Orti has two possible origins, from the Latin fortis, meaning “courageous”, “strong”, already originating from the Latin fortunius, meaning “fortunate”.

Because of this, Ortiz can also gain the meaning of “son of the brave”, “son of the strong man” or “son of the lucky”.

  1. War

Being a surname used in the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese languages, it has an average popularity in Brazil.

As the surname itself shows, it emerged from the noun Guerra, meaning “combat”, “conflict”. It was given to people taking part in wars.

A famous personality that carries it is the filmmaker Ruy Guerra.

  1. Keen

From the Old English cene, this surname means “bold”, “brave”, “valiant”.

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